Our teachers focus on the individual regardless of the class size. They are experienced, and dedicated to continuing their own education and growth. We are proud to be a studio whose teachers are able to help students overcome personal challenges despite limitations.

Izzy's Mom

"I began practicing yoga years ago, but it wasn't until I commited to my practice that my life changed."

Georgia & Yogi's Mom

"Many moons ago, I started practicing yoga to quiet my racing mind, find peace within my wandering spirit, and to become a healthier being."


"Nine years ago, I stayed at an Ashram preceding ever stepping into a yoga class."

Gia's Mom

"My yoga journey started in 2008 when my roommate invited me to a community vinyasa class."

Breezey's Mom

"Yoga is not just about the postures — it's about love, compassion, and patience for yourself and others."

George's Mom

"I believe that time on the mat has endless opportunities — fitness, strength, healing and so much more."


"I went to my first yoga class out of pure curiosity about this hot yoga thing my friend was raving about."

Diesel, Angel, Duke, & Charlie's Mom

"I'm a native Tennessean who has been active and athletic since a young age."

Eevee & Laika's Mom

"I started my yoga practice only five short years ago, and here I am now, a teacher!"

Pickles' Dad

"After first being introduced to yoga at an early age in high school, my love for yoga only strengthened during a four month humanitarian and rock climbing trip across Southeast Asia."

Molly's Mom

"I first found my way to yoga looking for a workout...Twelve years later I continue to come to my mat."

Sami, Honey, Yogi & Bella's Mom

"After a lifetime of focusing on cardio, I found peace, strength, and balance in my yoga practice."