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HOT 60, HOT 75, HOT 90

We offer three types of Hot classes, varying in length from 60 minutes to 75 minutes to 90 minutes. Based on the 26 postures from traditional Hot Yoga, postures are performed in an infrared heated environment to maximize the physical benefits both internally and externally.


Both the Harmony and Allegro classes are vinyasa flows that offer a balance of strength, flexibility, awareness, and endurance. Allegro is a more dynamic interpretation than Harmony with a more challenging flow. While still warm, these classes are not as hot as the traditional Hot Series.


The Mix-Up is a 75-minute vinyasa vibe that will link breath with movement like in the Harmony and Allegro classes and feature some postures from the Hot series. While still warm, the Mix-Up is not as hot as the traditional Hot Series.


Tender Lovin’ Harmony is a restorative class, working through gentle postures with the use of props, modifications, and focused breathing. This class is a bit gentler on the body, and is a great option for those more sensitive to heat and dealing with acute or chronic issues. Reservations are required for Tender Lovin’ Harmony classes.


Our weekly Community Class is a Hot 60 that serves the Nashville community, with contributions going to a selected charity in place of our regular class rates. Package holders may attend. A minimum $10 donation is required.


Yoga therapy uses the teachings and practice of yoga to empower progress toward improved health and wellbeing: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Private sessions with Nicole Cyrille, our owner and trained Yoga Therapist, are available by request. Nicole is recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).


Single Class $20
5 Class Pass $90
10 Class Pass $170
1 Month Unlimited $160
4 Month Unlimited $550
1 Year Unlimited $1200
1 Year Unlimited Auto Debit $110/month

Purchase Classes


  • All class passes are valid for 1 year.
  • Seniors, students, teachers, and military memebers receive a 15% discount for unlimited packages and class passes. This discount is only available for in-studio purchase with a proper ID.
  • New students who attend 20 classes in their first month receive a 20% discount on their next class package.
  • Auto Debit is excluded of all discounts.