Yoga Harmony came from the dream of creating a community based yoga studio. Since opening in August 2011, we have grown together as students, teachers, and friends. We hope that all feel welcome, on and off their mat, no matter your stature, age, ability, or perceived inability.

We welcome you with open hearts to our studio.


From our infrared heat to our antimicrobial flooring, we've built a space centered around increasing health and well-being. People are recognizing the tremendous health benefits gained from infrared heat, including cellulite reduction, decreased joint stiffness, and the release of toxins, among many others. Our cork flooring provides a seamless, non-slip surface that is antibacterial and easy on the joints.

With a focus on health and comfort, we maintain full ADA compliance as a completely handicapped accessible studio.


Our teachers came to yoga from diverse backgrounds and all found a singular purpose: to share the amazing gift of Yoga. Each teacher is committed to continuing their own education and growth. Our teachers recognize that each student arrives with their own set of challenges, and works to help each individual to overcome and reach their potential.


Yoga addresses many ailments, bringing awareness to the way our emotional, mental, and physical selves are interconnected.

Breath Control

Breath control steadies the mind, soothes the nervous system, and calms emotions. Through your asana practice, breath is synchronized with movement, creating tremendous benefits.


Yoga will make your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints stronger. Poses that incorporate an element of balance add another layer of challenge, utilizing smaller muscles for stabilization while simultaneously strengthening the larger muscle groups.


While strengthening, yoga simultaneously stretches the body, increasing flexibility. When warm, your body is more flexible, allowing for a better stretch and avoiding the risk of injury due to cold muscles.

Weight Loss

Yoga addresses the four main causes of weight issues: thyroid conditions, stress, eating habits, and lack of exercise. With an asana practice, you receive whole body benefits while remaining low impact on the joints.

Stress Release

Stress is a contributor to all sorts of health and emotional problems. Yoga's quiet, precise movements draw attention away from the chaos of life and toward calm as the body moves through postures that require balance and concentration.